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In 2001 Montblanc announced his partnership with Marcolin to produce and distribute optical frames and sunglasses under the Montblanc brand, with an official global renewal of the licensing agreement with Montblanc eyewear collection in 2010.

The Montblanc eyewear Collection (sunglasses and optical glasses) includes a range of very classic to extraordinary styles whereas the female range has been enlarged in terms of colour variations. Shapes are contemporary and different in terms of size and style.The style concept builds further on the strong linkage to other categories and on the usage of new, precious and extraordinary materials acheter viagra pas cher en ligne.

Mont Blanc is for people with refined style, who love to combine elegance and design in classic tones, as well as originality with impeccable taste and quality. Many models feature styles which are functional, brilliantly crafted and have an indelibly German aesthetic

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