Vuarnet Sunglasses are made in France, to the highest specifications. Vuarnet sunglasses use top quality glass lenses. Vuarnet sunglasses are renowned worldwide for their exceptional optical performance and have set the standard for sunglass excellence.  The lenses, which are high quality products, offer 100% protection against ultra violet rays due to their ability to absorb harmful rays while maintaining an excellent luminosity.  All Vuarnet lenses have an inside anti-reflective coating that eliminates annoying reflections.

Vuarnet has been designing the best mineral sunglasses since 1957.

Handcrafted in thier own factory back in France near Paris (received the French certification EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)), the lenses are 100% Minerals glass. One of the very few brands which offers mineral lens. Vuarnet mineral lenses are natural and recyclable, exactly the opposite of “plastic” organic lenses that are used by most brands.

Each of the lenses are engraved with the V trademark and is what guarantees their authenticity, so just look for the V on the top of the lenses to make sure they are real.

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Vintage Vuarnet 002 White Folding Sunglasses PX2000 Brown lens

PX2000: Category 3

Brown base, anti-reflective interior coating. Subtle enhancement of color and contrast. Ideal for everyday use and driving. Vuarnet Versatile Multi-Use Lens. Average light transmission 18%, filtration 82%. 

PX3000: Category 3

Grey-green base, anti-reflective interior coating. Perfect balance between comfort and protection. True color transmission. Average light transmission 20%, filtration 80%. 


Vuarnet 006 Men Women Large Red Sunglasses PX3000 Gray Lens
Vuarnet 088 White Sunglasses PX5000 Mineral Brown Lens

PX5000: Category 4

Brown base anti-reflective interior coatings. Double gradient blue exterior filters. High performance lens for maximum protection. Recommended for high altitudes, glaciers or deserts.


The best protection under the sun. From the highest mountain top to the bluest of seas, across the heated deserts to the glare of everyday life, Vuarnet sunglasses keep the scenery in true perspective.
The best mineral sunglass lens in the world! High performance, balance and visual comfort, Vuarnet lenses are the key to enhancing the quality of your sight. The comfort, the true color transmission and the extreme protection of the Vuarnet lenses, each Vuarnet lens has its own specialty, yet are made with the same passion for quality.
Each lens meets the most stringent quality control standards and exceeds all the performance criteria imposed by European, American and Australian consumer legislation. Vuarnet lenses filter out all harmful UVA, UVB and UVC radiation. Their multi-layered anti-reflective coatings eliminate glare and bounce back light. 
All Vuarnet lenses are made from the finest quality glass, ground and polished on both sides to ensure distortion free vision, and are heat tempered for impact and scratch resistance. 
A tiny trademark “V” is etched into all genuine Vuarnet lenses (top part of the lenses) as a guarantee of authenticity.