Vuarnet 003 Sunglasses

Vuarnet Sunglasses Model 003 was created in the 1960s’ and it became a hit after it was worn by Jeff Bridges character in the movie “The Dude”. This model is designed for Sea lovers, whether it’s the beach, fishing, etc consejo. Vuarnet Sunglasses 003 is also suitable for city life and driving.

At eyeworld Market we own a huge collection of Vuarnet 003 Models in different colors (Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Blue, White) and all the models come with different Lens, PX2000 (Light Brown Lens), PX3000 (Gray Lens) and PX5000 (Dark Brown Lens). These lenses are special for many reasons, most importantly the fact that they are mineral glass and they are resistant to scratch.