Eye protection in winter

Winter sunglasses Protection | Eyeworld Market

If you think that summer is the season for wearing sunglasses, think twice, wearing sunglasses in the winter is as important as in the summer.
In the winter like summer eyes are in contact with sun’s UV rays which as we all know are very dangerous, the bigger problem is that in locations
with more snow the ray reflects on the snow back at us, so it’s double dangerous. This can cause what we call winter glare, or blindness by snow, or even headaches.
so wearing suitable sunglasses through the winter is extremely important kamagra oral jelly kaufen.
UV-B rays can make some serious damage, not just to our eyes, they can even go as bad as causing cancer. It’s important to wear sunglasses
that offer protection against all kinds of UV Rays (UV-A and UV-B) and wavelengths more than 400 nanometers. Polarized lenses can be really helpful, for both winter (specially skiers and mountain climbers who are constantly in contact with snow), and
summer water sports, since both have the high glare.

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