How to buy suitable sunglasses?

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Today, those who care more about their eyes use sunglasses to take care of their eyes.

Of course, the choice of the right glasses is also very important; the sunglasses that protect your eyes from harmful sunrays should have the necessary factors, such as having 100% protection against ultraviolet radiation, polarization, etc.

Sunglasses are one of the essential things We all get out of the house at different times of the day, and sometimes we have to spend hours under the sun’s rays. In fact, we are always exposed to direct UV rays. You should take care of your skin, but you might forget that your eyes can also be damaged to the just like your skin and you have to protect them as well.

Sunglasses are the most important means to protect your eyes from harmful rays. In the selection of sunglasses, you need to consider many things and not just the look of the sunglasses you are going to buy. In fact, sunglasses are like a sunscreen for the skin. More than beauty, you need to be careful about its quality and originality.

Seven tips to Buy Sunglasses When shopping for sunglasses:

  • Read the labels carefully.

Ultra-violet UV is one of the most important causes of most eye problems. These problems are seen in people who do not pay much attention to their sunglasses. Doctors explains that eye damage caused by sunlight can cause much more serious damage, such as cataracts, cancer, and so on. They recommends buying sunglasses with a UV400 label or 100% protection against UV that says 100% UV protection.

  • Choose glasses that reflect light.

Polarized glasses reflect or reduce light radiation from various surfaces. Selecting this model is especially important for people who have fun like surfing, diving, fishing, snowboarding and skiing, or driving on sunny days on the road. Before you buy, be sure to have the glasses you want with polarized labels.

  • Buy glasses that will absorb more light.

The glasses that cover everything around the eye are better than the glasses that are just in front of your eyes. Goggles with smaller frames are just in front of the eye and leave a lot of space around the eyes which is exposed to the rays of the sun.

  • Choose sunglasses that don’t break easily.

Eye protection during exercise and physical activity is also required. Try to choose glasses that are made of breakable materials. Materials like polycarbonate are resistant to impact and these glasses can be used safely in sports activities.

  • The high price does not necessarily mean quality.

There is no connection between the price of glasses and the percentage of UV protection. So, even if you buy the most expensive glasses, keep in mind that the UV400 or 100% UV Protection is absolutely essential.

  • Buy glasses for driving.

Research has shown that front windscreens have relatively good sun protection, but side windows block only 71% of the sun’s harmful emissions. The best thing is to make UV-proof labels for side glasses and buy sunglasses that fit perfectly in front of your eyes.

  • Choose the right color.

The color of the sunglasses does not correlate with protection against UV rays, but sometimes the choice of some colors makes it clear. Especially when light is not enough. For example, people who spot and shoot, usually choose orange and yellow colors for their glasses, because these colors improve the contrast of the image.

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