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Lenses are available in a variety of colors, each of which is suitable for special activities.

  • Yellow and Gold: Reduces the amount of blue light while allowing other light frequencies to pass through. The yellow color generally removes the blue color and causes everything to be clearer (since blue light tends to be broad and reflective, hence its removal is effective in clarity), which is why most ski spectacles are yellow on the snow. In fact, the bottom of the tin disturbs the visibility of the light. In order to drive at night, cloudy and foggy weather is also appropriate.
  • Green: Reducing light shine and eliminating blue light from its features is very popular because the green color provides the highest levels of contrast and the highest degree of sharpening.
  • Pink & Red: Provides excellent contrast with blue and green backgrounds acheter viagra pas cher en ligne. Suitable for hunting and skiing.
  • Gray color: A great color that reduces the overall brightness of the light and protects your eyes against shimmering (dazzling) radiation and is suitable for driving and general use. Take a look at our Gray Color PX3000, Vuarnet Sunglasses
  • Blue: Most blue light passes through. For golf and tennis, or marking towards green targets.
  • Brown and amber colors: The bottom of the general colors. Its advantages are to reduce luminous light and to eliminate the high frequencies of light such as blue and ultraviolet light. It affects the light, like yellow, but increases contrast and clarity. It is suitable for running, cycling and driving. Take a look at our Gray Color PX2000, PX5000, Vuarnet Sunglasses

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