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Alain Prost

One of the greatest Frenchmen Formula 1 driver of all time, He had 51 winds and 4 titles, although his driving career was full of controversy, no one would forget his amazing races. Compared with him only Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio had more wins. 

With his worldwide fame and of course being French there was no doubt big companies such as vuarnet would approach him. Outstanding champion Alain Prost has agreed to have his name placed on a lime of sunglasses perfected with the collaboration of Rodger pouilloux well-known innovator in sunglasses technology.

Mineral Lenses in the Alain Prost line are made with a special composition glass and optically surfaced.  Thermal treatment makes them scratch resistant and shock resistant. There are Models with plastic lens (Polycarbonate) available as well.

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